Ah Chuck Prisoner Number 7017 (24597)

Public Record Office Victoria and chinese1905-03-09

Public Record Office Victoria (State Archives of Victoria, Australia)

Public Record Office Victoria (State Archives of Victoria, Australia)

Jantz Charles Kohlmann was shot in the back by Ah Thong while walking home through the Chinese market gardens in the early morning hours of 5 October 1889. He had been fishing for eels during the night at his regular spot on the Yarra River near Burnley Street and was returning to his home in Bridge Road, Richmond. Kohlmann remembered that Ah Thong held the gun to his head, while Ah Chuck held a knife and beat him with a stick. Other Chinese men turned up with sticks.According to Constable Brown, who attended the crime scene, Ah Thong said Ah Chuck had urged him to shoot Kohlmann. They believed Kohlmann and two others had been stealing cabbages from their garden.They received four months hard labour for wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

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  • Title: Ah Chuck Prisoner Number 7017 (24597)
  • Creator: Public Record Office Victoria, chinese
  • Date Created: 1905-03-09
  • Provenance: VPRS 522/P0, Photographs of Prisoners, unit 2, folio 137, VPRS 515/P1 Central Register of Male Prisoners, unit 58, folio 17
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