Allegory of Casentino

Giorgio Vasari1563/1565

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Poppi, Pratovecchio and Bibbiena are depicted in the background; the river Arno and the river Archiano, the mount Falterona represented as a woman "piena di faggi e d'abeti con i diacciuoli ai capelli", "filled with beeches and fir trees and with icicles in the hair", and, at last, an armed young man carrying the banner with the emblem of the city, show up in the foreground. Photo: Simone Lampredi

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  • Title: Allegory of Casentino
  • Date Created: 1563/1565
  • painter: Giorgio Vasari
  • Theme: allegorical subject
  • Second artist name: Jan Van der Straet (known as Giovanni Stradano)
  • Second artist death place: Firenze
  • Second artist death date: 1605
  • Second artist birth place: Bruges
  • Second artist birth date: 1523
  • Physical Dimensions: w250 x h250 cm (Complete)
  • Period: Mannerism
  • Original title: Allegoria del Casentino
  • Type: oil painting on wood
  • Rights: Comune di Firenze, Comune di Firenze