Allegory of Volterra; to the bottom, view of Lucignano

Giorgio Vasari1556/1559

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

In the section there is the allegory of Volterra, a work by Giorgio Vasari: the town is in the background, while in the foreground the lady, the symbol of the city, offers the saltpans of the area and receives the "crown of walls" by Duke Cosimo I de' Medici. The view below, painted by Giovanni Stradano, shows Lucignano. Photo: Simone Lampredi

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  • Title: Allegory of Volterra; to the bottom, view of Lucignano
  • Date Created: 1556/1559
  • painter: Giorgio Vasari
  • Theme: allegorical subject
  • Second artist name: Jan Van der Straet (known as Giovanni Stradano)
  • Second artist death place: Firenze
  • Second artist death date: 1605
  • Second artist birth place: Bruges
  • Second artist birth date: 1523
  • Physical Dimensions: w220 x h240 cm (Complete)
  • Period: Mannerism
  • Original title: Allegoria di Volterra; in basso vista di Lucignano
  • Type: fresco painting
  • Rights: Comune di Firenze, Comune di Firenze


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