Retablo de sant Vicente de la ermita de Borgonyà

Perot Gascó, atribuido1529 - 1546

Mev, Museu d'Art Medieval

Mev, Museu d'Art Medieval
Vic, España

The story of Saint Vincent the deacon, one of the most ancient and popular martyrs in the whole Peninsula, is resumed in this altarpiece with the scenes of the saint preaching before the emperor Dacian, the martyrdom on the X-shaped cross, the saint being thrown into the river with a millstone hanging from his neck and being attacked by a wild wolf, and the death of the saint in a rather domestic scene. The saint is represented in the central panel, dressed in a red dalmatic, the millstone at the side and the martyr's palm branch in his hand. Over it we can see the usual Calvary with a dishevely haired saint John. After the death of his father Joan in 1529, Perot Gascó assumed the direction of the familiar workshop, in which other brothers also worked. The style of Perot, well shown in this altarpiece of saint Vincent, is defined by a greater care in the construction of the scenes and by figures less robust and more stylized and slender than those of the father, with more delicate features (see the face of saint Vincent), deepening on some features noticeable in works from the period 1520-1529. The gentleness with which Perot adopted the models learned under his father's mastership shows a position more receptive to the artistical forms prevailing in Italy, a fact to be placed in the frame of the changing process of the Catalan painting at that time.


  • Título: Retablo de sant Vicente de la ermita de Borgonyà
  • Creador: Perot Gascó, atribuido
  • Fecha de creación: 1529 - 1546
  • Lugar de creación: Catalunya, Espanya
  • Dimensiones físicas: 209,5 x 194,5 cm
  • Tipo: Pintura
  • Enlace externo: Museu Episcopal de Vic
  • Derechos: © Museu Episcopal de Vic, photographer: Joan M. Díaz
  • Técnica artística: Pintura al temple y óleo sobre madera
  • Procedencia: Procedente de la ermita de la Mare de Déu de Borgonyà, Sant Vicenç de Torelló (Osona)
  • Origen de estilo: Museu Episcopal de Vic
  • Fuente de procedencia: Museu Episcopal de Vic
  • Fuente de medio: Museu Episcopal de Vic
  • Estilo: Renacentista
  • Descripción medida: Complete
  • Descripción fuente: Museu Episcopal de Vic

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