Domenico Veneziano, as we can read in the lower portion of the painting, painted this for the church of Santa Lucia de' Magnoli. It was painted between 1445-1447, ca. and depicts the Virgin and Child enthroned with Saint Francis, John the Baptist who is the patron saint of Florence, Saint Zenobius who was the first bishop of Florence, and Saint Lucy. The perspective of the architectural setting around the figures is exalted by the geometric design of the inlaid marble. In the background, the branches of three orange trees against a blue sky can be seen through an opening. The sunlight from the upper right brings out the contours of the figures and adds vibrancy to the very light tones of color. These colors influenced Piero della Francesca, Domenico's young collaborator in the painting of the of the lost frescoes with the Stories of the Life of the Virgin in the church of St.Egidio. The predella has been divided among three cities: St. Francis receiving the Stigmata and St. John in the Desert are in Washington. The Annunciation and The Miracle of San Zanobius are in Cambridge. The Martyrdom of St. Lucy is in Berlin.


  • Titre: Altarpiece of St Lucia de' Magnoli
  • Créateur: Domenico Veneziano
  • Date de création: 1445 - Around 1447
  • Style: Early Renaissance/ Altarpieces
  • Provenance: Church of Santa Lucia de' Magnoli
  • Original Title: Pala di Santa Lucia dei Magnoli
  • Dimensions physiques: w2160 x h2090 mm
  • Type: painting
  • Support: Detached frescoes transferred to canvas

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