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Amitabha Pure Land (Sukhavati)

Unknown1900 - 1999

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The central figure is the Buddha Amitabha (Tibetan: 'od-dpag-med) seated in vajraparyank-asana on a lotus throne (Tibetan: pad-gdan). He holds a bowl full of nectar in both hands, which are in the dhyana-mudra (Tibetan: mnyam-gzhag-phyag-rgya; the right hand placed above the left in the lap with the right palm facing upwards). This Buddha land is a representation of the Western Paradise (Sanskrit: Sukhavati; Tibetan: bde-ba-can) described as follows: "The luxuriant and majestic Dharma palaces and sutra halls are spread out like stars in the sky, embellished by the fresh flowers and green water between them. Seven Bodhi trees encircle the realm". In this ultimately auspicious and splendid realm, "fragrances and colours are beyond compare". To the left and right of the main figure are the Eight Great Bodhisattvas surrounded by the Thirteen Buddhas who are derived from Amitabha and who inhabit the Dharma palaces. The Thirteen Buddhas represent the different names of Amitabha Buddha: Buddha of Infinite Life, Buddha of Boundless Light, Buddha of Light Without Obstruction, Incomparable Buddha of Light, Blazing King of Light Buddha, Buddha of Pure Light, Ecstatic Buddha of Light, Wisdom (prajna) Buddha of Light, Buddha of Unceasing Light, Inconceivable Buddha of Light, Buddha of Light with No Name, and Buddha of Light Surpassing the Sun and Moon.

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  • Title: Amitabha Pure Land (Sukhavati)
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: 1900 - 1999
  • Physical Dimensions: w750 x h1200 mm
  • Type: Thangka


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