Ancestral Hall


Ho Family Garden

Ho Family Garden

The ancestral hall is divided into two parts. Eleven regulations of Ho family are exhibited in Xiangtang Hall, and on the first day of every month, Ho’s children were ordered to learn these regulations here. The next hall is called Qin Tang Hall. All the photos were donated by the descendants. The photo on the left is Hejun, the owner’s father. Beside him is the owner’s mother. Owning to his excellent performance, the imperial court honored him as the first rank in the post and also bestowed his ancestors as the first rank officer. The photo on the right are He zhidao and his wife. In the restoration of the Qingtang hall, a well was found inside it. According to the records, the dwellings of local people in the south of Anhui are equipped with wells on both sides, which are warm in winter and cool in summer. The well here plays an educational role that it is to remind people of drinking from the source.

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  • Title: Ancestral Hall
  • Date: 1883
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