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And Now Exploration and Settlement are Underway

Murray Walker2001

Museums Victoria

Museums Victoria

This tapestry panel was designed by Australianartist Murray Walker. The triptych incorporates the work of three Aboriginal artists - 19th century artists William Barak and Tommy Barnes from south-eastern Australia and an unnamed artist from Groote Eyelandt, northern Australia, who painted on bark in the 1930s and 1940s. It depicts cultural interaction between Indigenous people, settlers and visitors to Australia. It is the fourth panel of ten in the Federation Tapestry Suite, woven by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop to mark Australia's Centenary of Federation in 2001.The two known artists in this tapestry, William Barak and Tommy Barnes (also known as Tommy McRae), were important leaders of their people who, through their work, helped build bridges between the European settlers and Aboriginal people in the second half of the 19th century. The Groote Eyelandt bark painting portrays a traditional way of life and depicts contact with Indonesian fishermen who have come to northern Australia since the 17th century to collectTrepang (an edible sea cucumber).The small fragile original artworks were enlarged to the scale of the tapestry panel and then woven in their entirety so that they could be read as distinct components of the panel.

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  • Title: And Now Exploration and Settlement are Underway
  • Date Created: 2001
  • Physical Dimensions: w6160 x h2000 m
  • Type: Object
  • Rights: Copyright: Australian Tapestry Workshop. Source: Museum Victoria Collection. Designer: Murray Walker / Artists: William Barak, Tommy McRae and Groote Eylandt bark painting / Weavers: Grazyna Bleja, Sue Batten, Irja West, Rebecca Moulton, Claudia Lo Priore, Laura Mar, Caroline Tully, Barbara Mauro, Gerda van Hammond, Sara Lindsay, Copyright: Victorian Tapestry Workshop. Source Victorian Tapestry Workshop / Designer: Murray Walker
  • External Link: Museum Victoria
  • Medium: Tapestry
  • Themes: Federation (1901);tapestries; looms; Aboriginal art; crafts & craft equipment; tapestry
  • Artist biography: Murray Walker is a painter, printmaker, tapestry maker, teacher and writer. He studied art at the National Gallery School in Melbourne from 1958 to1960. He then spent two years at the Slade School of Fine Art in London (1960-62), spending the summer of 1961 at the Academia della Belle Arti in Italy.Today he lives and works in Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Artist: Murray Walker


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