Androgyny 1

Yu Chi Chien2016

Baltimore Jewelry Center

Baltimore Jewelry Center

The artist describes their work, saying "Every day we struggle with duality like male and female, right and wrong, intense and mild. To choose not to choose is a choice. We can be a spirit in between, not excess or deficiency but both, and without boundaries. The experience of opposites allows for the expression of wholeness. Things will develop in the opposite when they become extreme. The goal of my work is to maintain balance and harmony in order to direct the mind to a state of constant equilibrium. I produce wearable sculptures as a way to represent the unisex characteristic on any gender, and the epitome of interdependence universe."

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  • Title: Androgyny 1
  • Creator: Yu Chi Chien
  • Date Created: 2016
  • Location Created: Rochester, NY
  • Type: Bodypiece
  • Rights: Photo credit: Elizabeth Torgenson-Lamark
  • External Link: http://www.ycchien.com
  • Medium: Copper, brass, PETG