Apollo 9 Mission image - S0-65 Multispectral Photography - California



Washington, DC, United States

Earth Observation taken by the Apollo 9 crew. View is of Salton Sea and Imperial Valley in California. Latitude was 33.09 N by Longitude 116.14 W, Overlap was 50%, Altitude miles were 103 and cloud cover was 35%. This imagery taken as part of the NASA S0-65 Experiment "Multispectral Terrain Photography". The experiment provides simultaneous satellite photography of the Earth's surface in three distinct spectral bands. The photography consists of four almost spatially identical photographs. The images of ground objects appear in the same coordinate positions on all four photos in the multispectral set within the opto-mechanical tolerances of the Hasselblad cameras in the Apollo 9 spacecraft. Band designation for this frame is A. Film and filter is Ektachrome SO-368,Infrared Color Wratten 15. Mean Wavelength of Sensitivity is green,red and infrared. The Nominal Bandpass is total sensitivity of all dye layers 510-900nm.

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  • Title: Apollo 9 Mission image - S0-65 Multispectral Photography - California
  • Date Created: 2009-01-21
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