Arcade game:Race Drivin' Panorama


The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

In 1971, Nutting Associates released Computer Space, the world's first coin-operated video arcade game. It was followed swiftly by games such as Atari's Pong and Breakout that began the video game revolution. In order to preserve and restore these and other significant electronic artifacts, Keith Feinstein founded the Electronics Conservancy. Over time, the Electronics Conservancy assembled a large group of the most famous and historically significant arcade games ever created, and exhibited them in the traveling exhibit, Videotopia. In 2009, the International Center for the History of Electronic Games at The Strong acquired 114 vintage video game arcade machines from the Videotopia collection. These machines include the popular Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Tetris, Pole Position, Pong and, of course, Computer Space.

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  • Title: Arcade game:Race Drivin' Panorama
  • Date Created: 1991, 1991
  • Location: USA, USA
  • Subject Keywords: video game, electronic game, arcade game, racing, video game, electronic game, arcade game, racing
  • Type: Arcade Games, Arcade Games
  • Medium: plastic, metal, glass
  • Object ID: 109.17124, 109.17124

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