Dark aluminium armlet worn on the upper arm by old men as an indication of how rich they are. If they were very rich two were worn on each arm. Made in machakos area before the people moved to "Thatha" by an old craftsman who specialised in such metalwork. For the aluminium to be darker in the shade it was melted and then put into cold water, then removed and melted again. A circle is dug in hard earth and a little sand poured in, then a little water poured into the sand. The aluminium is melted and obtained either from trade wire or old cooking pot then poured into the hole. When cool it is taken out and rubbed with stone.

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  • Title: Arm Band
  • Date Created: 1909
  • Location: Kenya
  • Type: Arm Band
  • Rights: National Museums of Kenya
  • Medium: Aluminium
  • Photographer: Gibsphotography
  • Local Name: Kitanga Kya Moko
  • Community: Kamba
  • Collection Date: 1969-03-11
  • Collected By: Peter Nzuki