Arsenal Chimgwaejeong

Namhansanseong World Heritage Center

Namhansanseong World Heritage Center

This building was long believed to have been used for an armory. However, it most likely served as an office, as the structure includes ondol heated rooms, an unheated open floor and a corridor-like back veranda. The precise year when this pavilion was built is not known, but Deputy Commander Cheng Long (程龍), a Ming Envoy who visited Joseon, called the structure a "general arsenal" (摠戎武庫) in his writings.

Gwangju Special Mayor Yi Ki-jin had the facility renovated in 1751 and renamed it Chimgwaejeong (枕戈亭 Pavilion of Spears as Pillows, correctly pronounced Chim "gwa " jeong). Apparently, a weapons armory and arsenal were once located nearby, and this building had a separate purpose.

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  • Title: Arsenal Chimgwaejeong
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