Art of Many and the Right to Space

The Danish Pavilion2016-05-25

Denmark - Biennale Architettura 2016

Denmark - Biennale Architettura 2016


This exhibition is organised as two complementary spatial installations:

The videoinstallation “THE RIGHT TO SPACE” and the wunderkammer installation of architecture models called “ART OF MANY”.

We recommend you begin your visit in “THE RIGHT TO SPACE”.

For 50 years Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl has led the battle for cities for people – in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world. In “THE RIGHT TO SPACE” you can experience Jan Gehl and his approach towards creating human friendly cities.

In the media of the architecture model; the wunderkammer ‘ART OF MANY’ showcases the constant creative prototyping of the Danish welfare institutions; schools, hospitals, social housing, public space etc – ART OF MANY – for the many.

Each and every project is carefully selected by our curators as testimonies of the ongoing every day battles for the people’s right to space, as argued for by Jan Gehl.

The curators of the Danish Pavilion have identified five agendas according to which both Jan Gehl and each of the more than 130 projects in ‘Art of Many’ respond to:

Beyond Luxury
Wealth and consumption are fundamentally linked and put a drain on our limited resources. Architecture must redefine luxury to ensure quality of life in the 21st century.

Designing Life
Shaping human behaviour is in the DNA of architecture. From crowded cities to nursery schools, architects and planners should explore the impact of architecture.

Claiming Space
Generous public spaces are not extravagant. Creating space for public life where there is none means putting people first and pursuing the ideal of an open society.

Exit Utopia
Modernist ideology wanted full control of both society and nature. It failed. Today, new alliances between people, the built environment and nature are shaping the future.

Pro Community
When people organize and demand influence they move the world. The future is powered by strong communities.

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  • Title: Art of Many and the Right to Space
  • Creator: The Danish Pavilion
  • Date Created: 2016-05-25


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