Attire and Adornment of Yi Women in Mile, Yunnan

Yunnan Provincial Museum

Yunnan Provincial Museum
Kunming, China

Featuring various models and rich palettes, the attire and adornment of the Yi people is the epitome of the ethnic group’s aesthetics and traditional culture. However, the garments and embellishments are conspicuously different from branch to branch due to the large number of sporadically-located sub-groups of the Yi ethnic minority. They can be roughly categorized into six styles geographically, southeast of Yunnan, west of Yunnan, Chuxiong, Liangshan, Wumengshan and Honghe, with each further composed of various sub-styles.

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  • Title: Attire and Adornment of Yi Women in Mile, Yunnan
  • Physical Location: In storage,Yunnan Provincial Museum
  • Location Created: Yunnan,China
  • Type: costume