Autumn Landscape

Eugène Manet1887 - 1888

Dixon Gallery and Gardens

Dixon Gallery and Gardens


  • Title: Autumn Landscape
  • Creator: Eugene Manet
  • Date: 1887 - 1888
  • Physical Dimensions: 9 5/8 x 12 inches
  • Description: In 1868, French artist Henri Fantin-Latour introduced Berthe Morisot to Édouard Manet. The two became immediate friends, and through that friendship, Morisot became close with Manet’s brother, Eugène. Six years later, in December of 1874, the couple were married in the Passy church in Paris and moved into the former home of Morisot’s mother on the rue Guichard. Like his brother and his mother, Eugène Manet was greatly interested in painting, literature, and philosophy. He often accompanied his wife on her many sketching excursions and painted alongside her. In the fall of 1888, Manet and Morisot traveled to the south of France, to the town of Cimiez, where they rented a villa and painted the many views around them. It is likely that Manet painted Autumn Landscape, a quick watercolor sketch, while on this trip. The brighter colors and riverside view suggest a setting south of Paris, and the grove of trees surrounding the couple’s villa would have made an ideal if convenient subject.
  • Provenance: Gift of Bill Scott
  • Type: Watercolors
  • Rights: Dixon Gallery and Gardens. For Terms and Conditions for use of this image please contact the Registrar at 901-761-5250.
  • Medium: Watercolor on paper


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