Baeja, Vest

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

It is a Baeja made from silk with cloud, peach, and 卍 shaped patterns. It is a practical vest for warming the back, and is worn by intersecting the 2 strings hanging on the front. It is made of thick cotton, and the cotton was fastened by double-stitching the edges of the Baeja. The string was eliminated, but the mark of a string attached to the two threads of the front piece and the mark of a loop attached under the armhole still remain. The Baeja of Tamreunggun Lee Byun 1636~1731 owned by Dankook University Seok Ju-seon Memorial Museum has the same shape, and has the two threads hanging on the front for a string to be attached and hooked on the sideline loop to be tied.

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  • Title: Baeja, Vest
  • Location Created: Joseon 17C
  • Physical Dimensions: 53 cm x 43 cm
  • Type: Vest
  • Rights: Gyeonggi Provinvial Museum
  • Medium: Flower-Patterned Silk, Ju