Bahla Fort

Namhansanseong World Heritage Center

Namhansanseong World Heritage Center

The oasis of Bahla owes its prosperity to the Banu Nebhan, the dominant tribe in the area from the twelfth to the end of the fifteenth century. The ruins of the immense fort, with its walls and towers of unbaked brick and its stone foundations, constitute a remarkable example of this type of fortification and attest to the power of the Banu Nebhan.

Criterion (ⅳ): The Bahla Fort and the oasis settlement with its perimeter fortification are an outstanding example of a type of defensive architectural ensemble that enabled dominant tribes to achieve prosperity in Oman and the Arabian Peninsula during the late medieval period.

Country: Oman
Location: Oasis of Bahla, 25 km west of Nazwa
Coordinates: N 22° 57′ 51.012″, E 57° 18′ 3.996″
Inscription year: 1987
Inscription Criterion: ⅳ

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  • Title: Bahla Fort