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Lily Ward

Lily made her film debut in 'How Winky Wacked the Germans', starring Reggie Switz as Winky. She could pull many different amusing faces and soon became a success, starring in over 30 silent films directed by Cecil Birch. She moved to the Pyramid Film Company in late 1915, where she starred in Leslie Henson comedies. Lily married co-star Alf Scott when she was just 17, but they later separated and she emigrated to Australia where she lived with Reggie Switz.

Reggie Switz

Reggie was a prolific music hall artist and travelled across the empire performing in shows. He was a great success as Winky, but after 1915 he appears to have had little to do with movies. In 1934 he was the publican of the Brickmakers Arms in Slough, before moving to Australia to live with Lily Ward.

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