Beheading of John the Baptist

Bernardino Campi1554 - 1556

Museo Diocesano Milano

Museo Diocesano Milano


  • Title: Beheading of John the Baptist
  • Date: 1554 - 1556
  • Physical Dimensions: w158 x h220 cm
  • Painter: Bernardino Campi
  • Description: This painting, from the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Montevecchia (Lc) and painted between 1554 and 1556, can be considered emblematic of Bernardino’s style during the fifteen-fifties. The emphasis on the elegance of the clothes and ornaments recalls elements of paintings from Cremona and other works by Bernardino himself, who, while protected by the governor Ferdinando Francesco d'Avalos, worked in St. Fedele and St. Anthony in Milan. His painting there was more academic, according to the dictates of the Counter-Reformation. The life-size figures in this painting are still in rigid poses, but the landscape in the background seems almost magical, with a Northern European atmosphere. The three female figures of the painting are modeled on classical patterns and suggest a reference to the three Graces.
  • Type: painting
  • External Link: http://www.museodiocesano.it/collections/opere-di-varia-provenienza/
  • Medium: Oil on panel


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