Belgian Plate

F. De Valeriola1900/1920

The President Woodrow Wilson House

The President Woodrow Wilson House

One of a set of 18 circular Belgian plates. Plate has a depiction of the city of Dinant with a steamboat on a river in the center foreground. During World War I Dinant was the scene of an infamous massacre in whcih over 600 civilians were killed. The massacre shocked public opinion around the world, particularly in neutral countries such as the US. Plate has a blue and gold decorated border and was presented to President Wilson by the King and Queen of Belgium at the White House, October 30, 1919.

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  • Title: Belgian Plate
  • Creator: F. De Valeriola
  • Date Created: 1900/1920
  • Location: The President Woodrow Wilson House, Butler's Pantry
  • Medium: Made of Porcelain and gold leaf in Brussels, Belgium.


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