Belt clasp (1)

Wilson, Henry

The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Henry Wilson's jewellery is distinctive for its rich colour combinations worked in stones and enamel, and its sculptural qualities. Like many other Arts and Crafts designers, including C.R. Ashbee, Wilson trained originally as an architect. He became interested in metals in the early 1890s, and went on to teach at the Royal College of Art, publishing a practical manual Silverwork and Jewellery in 1903.

Perhaps because of his architectural training, Wilson's jewels are often notable for their three-dimensional construction, a feature which can be seen in this belt clasp.

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  • Title: Belt clasp (1)
  • Creator: Wilson, Henry
  • Date Created: 1900/1909
  • Location: London
  • Physical Dimensions: Height: 10.7 cm, Width: 19.5 cm, Depth: 4.6 cm
  • Provenance: Formerly in the collection of Charles and Lavinia Handley-Read.
  • Medium: Silver, set with amethysts, garnets, williamsite, moonstones, agate, chalcedony and cat's-eye quartz with openwork

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