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Urartian7th century BCE

Rezan Has Museum

Rezan Has Museum

Wide Belt With Hunting Scene. A belt composed of two fragments. The outer border is perforated with small string holes with short gaps between them. Two lines of embossed molding bands delimit the decoration surface, which depicts a hunting scene. The figures on the decoration surface proceed toward each end from the center of the belt, in six rows of similar type, one on top of the other. These figures include fantastic creatures, bulls, and lions, foot soldiers shooting arrows and hunting chariots. Lions and bulls are placed antithetically. Two people are depicted in the war chariot, which is pulled by two horses at a gallop. One is holding the bridle and the other is shooting an arrow backward. At the right end of the belt, a foot soldier figure facing to the left and shooting an arrow is repeated six times one on top of the other. Similar figures that were repeated six times one on top of the other were sometimes interrupted in some parts of the belt. In one example, a mountain goat and a bull were added among the fantastic creatures. On the third and fourth rows at the left end, a fantastic creature is facing to the left and shooting arrows and another fantastic creature, whose head is severed, in front of the other one, are depicted. Six lions in a walking pose are placed inside the rectangular panel at the right end of the belt, one on top of the other. The loop-shaped belt buckle is riveted to this part. Ancient repair traces are found on the top and bottom parts of the belt

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  • Title: Belt
  • Creator: Urartian
  • Date Created: 7th century BCE
  • Location: Museum/Current exhibition


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