UrartianEnd of the 9th century BCE, beginning of the 8th century BCE

Rezan Has Museum

Rezan Has Museum

Wide Belt With Cult and Ceremonical Scenes. Small fragment of the left end of a belt. The outer border is perforated with small string holes with short gaps between them. The surface is divided into five registers with six horizontal double embossed ribs. A ceremonial scene is depicted on the surface. The figures on the belt proceed toward the left end, in five rows of similar type, one on top of the other. Two superimposed foot soldiers are depicted at the left end, and behind them follow three rows of horsemen, war chariots behind the horsemen and two further rows of horseman and war chariots. The cavalry are depicted at a gallop, with shields and spears. The horses in the chariots are depicted with one leg extended forward and the other static. Two people are standing on the war chariots. One is holding the bridle and the other is in the sacred hailing pose, extending his arms horizontally forming a V-shape.

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  • Title: Belt
  • Creator: Urartian
  • Date Created: End of the 9th century BCE, beginning of the 8th century BCE
  • Location: Museum/Current exhibition


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