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Museum-Reserve of A.S Pushkin

Museum-Reserve of A.S Pushkin

The bench is veneered with mahogany, with cut arc-shaped armrests with ears on the sides and curls at the side-bar. The seat is soft, it is upholstered in dark red striped silk and has piping around the edge. The bench has four rectangular legs, tapering downwards with bronze plates on the ends in the form of lion paws. There are brass broaches with piping on top of the stays, on the edges of the side-bar, and on the edges of the front surface of the legs. There is bronze plating on the curls of the stays and the sides of the side bar, in the form of a medallion with a flower. On the legs and armrests, there are plates with floral ornaments, the front surface of the side-bar has a flower shape, and the center features the head an angel in a wreath.

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  • Title: bench


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