Berla Palace, representation of Zanni


Teatro Bibiena

Teatro Bibiena

In one of the rooms of Palazzo Berla, in Mantua, located not far from the Bibiena Theatre, a particular fresco, unique among its kind, shows some characters of the Commedia dell'Arte. Five grotesque scenes in late Mannerist style depict some masked characters performing tricks. In particular, this image shows Zanni holding a bird, bowing in front of other two Zannis with a much larger bird. In other pictures we can see the better known Pantalone. The palace, once owned by the Cavriani family, was located at the border of the ghetto. It is interesting to note that in the late sixteenth century the Commedia dell'Arte had become popular to the point that these characters and their folkloric masquerades were painted here for the enjoyment of the banqueters attending the palace.

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  • Title: Berla Palace, representation of Zanni
  • Date: 1500
  • Type: Photograph


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