National Park Service, Centennial One Object Exhibit

National Park Service, Centennial One Object Exhibit

This object is a large complete biface with a symmetrical leaf shape. It has slightly convex lateral edges, a pointed distal end, and a rounded base. There is flat marginal retouch on both faces along both lateral edges. This basic form provided for a variety of uses, including both light scraping and cutting, as well as the ability to switch hands when the blade dulled or when both functions were needed simultaneously. Variations of this form include a more diamond-shaped outline caused by resharpening individual segments of the blade edges at different times. Also characteristic is beveling the blade edge segments, often on alternate faces. The material from which it made is made has it source in the Canadian River Valley of the Texas Panhandle. It is hard, distinctly colored, and was utilized by prehistoric peoples for 13,000 years.

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  • Title: Biface
  • Contributor: Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument
  • Park Website: Park Website
  • National Park Service Catalog Number: ALFL 325/24748
  • Measurements: L 16.9, W 5.8, T 0.6 cm
  • Material: Alibates flint
  • Date: 1150-1200 -- 1450-1500 CE, Antelope Creek Phase
  • Cultural Group or Period: Plains Village Period