Big Time Nose Around


The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

Before the political catastrophe of Watergate and the end of his political career, Richard Nixon campaigned just as other presidential candidates did. With his sharp features and unmistakeable profile, he was often the butt of political cartoonists and others who exaggerated his face consistently. Often, they made his nose unnaturally long. An unknown game producer printed this ring toss game on punch-out plywood, marked with Nixon's image and two rings. Attach a string to the handle and a ring and you've got a hand-held ring toss game that utilizes "Tricky Dick's" funny schnozz. The young Nixon image likely dates this political toy to his 1968 campaign. The game is a rare survivor.

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  • Title: Big Time Nose Around
  • Date Created: 1968
  • Subject Keywords: Presidents, Politics, board game
  • Object ID: 311bd81598913735