Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, National Park Service

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, National Park Service

The Sandburgs found great beauty in nature. Much of the family's time in their North Carolina home was spent outdoors. The Sandburgs were avid birdwatchers and had many birdhouses on their property. Margaret Sandburg had a workroom on the ground floor of the home where she constructed blue bird houses. She hung these houses all about the property, creating a blue bird trail of sorts. Once, when Mrs. Sandburg was asked about the care of the birds she replied, "We almost never go to movies or to plays and not one of us has ever owned a fur coat. Birds are our luxury!"

Bluebird, What Do You Feed On?

Bluebird, what do you feed on?
It is true you gobble up worms, you
swallow bugs,
And your bill picks up corn, seed,
This is only part of the answer.
Your feathers have captured a piece of
smooth sky.
Your wings are burnished with
lake-morning blue.
It is not a worm blue nor a bug
blue nor the blue
Of corn or berry you shine with.
Bluebird, we come to you for facts,
for valuable
Information, for secret reports.
Bluebird, tell us, what do you
feed on?
Carl Sandburg, Complete Poems, 1951.

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