Birth of Venus

Giorgio Vasari1555/1557

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Venus is in the middle, standing on a shell, surrounded by divine and sea creatures paying homage to her: on the left is Teti, on the opposite side is the god of the sea Neptune, “il quale sta ammirato e immoto a vedere surgere dall’onde quella Dea tanto bella” (who stands still and full of admiration for such a beautiful Goddess coming out of the waves). Then there are the Tritons and the Nereids, offering shells, pearls, corals, the purple, motherpearls. Photo: Raffaello Bencini

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  • Title: Birth of Venus
  • Date Created: 1555/1557
  • painter: Giorgio Vasari
  • Theme: Mythological subject
  • Second artist name: Cristofano Gherardi
  • Second artist death place: Borgo San Sepolcro
  • Second artist death date: 1556
  • Second artist birth place: Borgo San Sepolcro
  • Second artist birth date: 1508
  • Physical Dimensions: w691 x h285 cm (Complete)
  • Period: Mannerism
  • Original title: La nascita di Venere
  • Type: fresco painting
  • Rights: Comune di Firenze, Comune di Firenze


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