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Mrs Saul Solomon

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LSE Library

Black Friday. A Letter Sent by Mrs Saul Solomon, Widow of the late Saul Solomon, of Cape Town ('The Gladstone of South Africa') to Mr Winston Churchill, Secretary of State for the Home Office, on Dec. 17, 1910.(Reprinted from Votes for Women, 6 Jan 1911). On 18 November 1910 around three hundred women marched to the House of Commons to protest at the failure of politicians to grant around one million women in the UK the right to vote. The violence meted out by the police on those protesting, by order of the Government ensured that the infamy of the event quickly became known as Black Friday.

Pamphlet: page 1

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  • Title: Black Friday Page 1
  • Creator: Mrs Saul Solomon
  • Date Created: 1910
  • Type: Document
  • Publisher: Women's Social and Political Union
  • Original Source: LSE Library

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