Black Shawls with Fringe

China National Silk Museum

China National Silk Museum

On the black satin foundation of the shawls hemmed with fringe attached to knitted webs, floral motifs embroidered with white silk threads are arranged in a crowded, but nicely symmetrical fashion. Each one of the two pieces features identical embroidered patterns on both front and back. The one from an earlier period, with a smaller size, shorter fringe and motifs typical of Guangdong-style decoration, functioned as a warm-keeping and ornamental accessory, while the other one which is larger and adorned with longer fringe as well as European-style embroidery, belonging to a later era, can be taken as a piece of topwear.

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  • Title: Black Shawls with Fringe
  • Location: China
  • Location Created: China
  • Type: Textiles
  • Materials and techniques: Silk, Embroidery
  • Dynasty: Republic of China
  • Dimensions: 157cm x 152cm


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