British Royal Navy officer showing anti-submarine dart


King's College London Archives

King's College London Archives
London, United Kingdom

Photograph of a RN officer showing an anti-submarine dart to Russian Army Col Alexieff, head of visiting party of Russian Army officers (photograph stopped by censor). The caption on the reverse reads "The visit of a Russian Commission to the Dardanelles. The officers constituting the Commission wore the uniform of the British privates, with the exception of the Russian badge in their caps. In the photograph a British Naval Officer is seen showing to Colonel Alexieff, the Chief of the Russian Commission, a submarine dart." No 3133. From a collection of official photographs of the Dardanelles Expedition, 1915. (HAMILTON 7/12/297)

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  • Title: British Royal Navy officer showing anti-submarine dart
  • Date Created: 1915/1916
  • Publisher: King's College London