Brodowski School

Candido Portinari1933

Projeto Portinari

Projeto Portinari
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Composition in white tones, gray, black, ochre, yellow, earthy, blue and rose. Smooth, plateaus areas. Composition representing a school yard, with double row of boys and teacher. The courtyard is surrounded by wall in gray tones which you see the front wall cutting across the width of the substrate and a side cutting, slightly diagonally, the height of the support. Inside the courtyard, on the left, two parallel rows of nine boys each, side by side. They are standing in front perspective to the bottom. The first boy on the left the queue wears a sailor blue jacket and white shorts; It has light hair, facial features, and is suggested barefoot. The first boy of the on the right queue wears jacket in greenish tones, white shorts and black shoes. The others only see part of the colorful clothes, the hair and the nose suggested. Behind the queue in the background outlined boy as if he were running toward the line. More to the right, already old teacher, standing in profile to the left; has gray hair and facial features indicated; He wears glasses, white and black tie jacket, pants and black shoes listed. To the right of center, close to the front wall and a coconut tree and the bottom low bench. On the right, tap and Tina and further back, clothesline with clothes hanging. In the background, to the left, within the limits of the courtyard gate and part of that would be the school wall with door to the center. To the left of the composition, suggesting street diagonal band accompanying the lateral wall of the school, seeing themselves in the upper on the left corner of a building wall with two inputs.

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  • Title: Brodowski School
  • Date: 1933
  • Location Created: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Physical Dimensions: w58 x h34cm without frame
  • Provenance: João Candido Portinari
  • Rights: João Candido Portinari
  • External Link: Projeto Portinari
  • Theme: human figure:group:children, human figure:man
  • Technique: gouache
  • Signature: Signed and dated at bottom right "PORTINARI [33]"
  • Painter: Candido Portinari
  • Number: FCO 3153
  • Notes: Date is barely legible.
  • Catalogue Raisonné: CR-346