Bronze Coal Plate, Bronze Dustpan and Bronze Shovel

Hubei Provincial Museum

Hubei Provincial Museum
Wuhan, China

This coal plate was used with the dustpan and the shovel. The plate is decorated with patterns like bamboo strips and it was probably used to contain coal or coal ash. There are 53 rhombic holes on the shovel, which was probably used to sieve coal.

There dragon-shaped legs support the plate. Since these dragons live in water, people probably made legs into this shape to keep away fire. The dragons are vividly carved as if they were trying their best to hold up the plate.

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  • Title: Bronze Coal Plate, Bronze Dustpan and Bronze Shovel
  • Location: Unearthed from Leigudun Tomb (No.1 ), Suizhou, Hubei
  • Medium: Bronze
  • Excavation Date: 1978
  • Dynasty: Around 433 B.C. (the East Zhou Dynasty and the early Warring States Period)
  • Dimensions: The plate Height: 14 cm; diameter: 43.8 cm; depth: 6.6 cm; weight: 16.2 kg.