Bronze Guanfou inlaid with red copper - Part

Hubei Provincial Museum

Hubei Provincial Museum
Wuhan, China

People started to inlaid red copper on bronze since the Shang dynasty and the technique was further improved in the Spring and Autumn Period, which demanded specific temperature when inlaying red copper.

This Guanfou (water container for washing) is made with the advanced method. The red copper patterns were cast first then placed into a mold before bronze was put in the mold. So the red copper and bronze came out together as one piece.

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  • Title: Bronze Guanfou inlaid with red copper - Part
  • Location: Unearthed from Leigudun Tomb (No.1 ), Suizhou, Hubei
  • Medium: Bronze
  • Excavation Date: 1978
  • Dynasty: Around 433 B.C. (the East Zhou Dynasty and the early Warring States Period)
  • Dimensions: Height: 35.9 cm; top diameter: 25 cm; diameter of the largest part: 43.5 cm; bottom diameter: 29.5 cm; weight: 36.5 kg.