This unusual Buddha from the Phophanar hoard shows a garment covering both the shoulders. The features of this image are well defined; the aquiline nose, perforated earlobes, a boyish expression on the face, smiling lips and the half closed downcast eyes add to his benevolent expression. In common with other images from this hoard, he displays the same gestures of hand: the abhaya-mudra with the right, while the left hand holds the edge of his garment. An inscription at the back reads:
“ Deyadharmoyam Sakyabhikshukacharya Bhadanta Buddhadasasya / Yadatra punyam tad bhavatu sarvasatvanam” i.e. ‘Gift of Bhadanta Buddhadasa, preacher of the Sakyas.”

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  • Title: Buddha
  • Date Created: 5th-6th Century CE
  • Location: Phophanar, Madhya Pradesh
  • Physical Dimensions: Ht. 51.0 cm., Wd. 15.8 cm., Dep. 14.1 cm.
  • Medium: Bronze
  • Dynasty: Gupta-Vakataka

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