The caravanserai was built on Icherisheher trade road in the end of the XV century. It is square on the plan. It has a large quadrangle shaped yard with cut-off corners. It was covered with balcony along the whole perimeter. And there are dwelling rooms intended for personal use in the back of the balcony. It has a single-room, double-side open entrance connecting trade streets on the south-east axis. Northern and southern entrances of the caravanserai are in the form of portal. The main entrance portal of the caravanserai was from the side of the sea in the Middle Ages. The facade of the caravanserai on the southern side is two-storey with magnificent fortification. It is supposed that this building had contained the madrasah (Muslim religious school) of Jameh mosque and cells in its yard before it operated as a caravanserai. Caravanserai takes an essential part in the urbanization system.

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  • Title: Bukhara Caravanserai
  • Date Created: end of the XV century
  • Location: Azerbaijan, Baku, Icherisheher (Inner City)