Carinated dish with metal inlay

850 - 750 BC.

Museo Arqueológico de Granada

Museo Arqueológico de Granada

Carinated dish with decoration of bronze metallic inlay, in the shape of a spherical dome and high rim. This piece is classified within the end of the Bronze Age II, which was characterised by the influences which arrived to the South-East from Tartessian culture. The final moments of this time are related to the first Phoenician settlements on the coast. This dish appears to come from Cerro de los Infantes in Pinos Puente, in which there was a settlement from the end of the Bronze Age characterised by large oval plan huts, the inside space of which was not divided into sections but was specialised in areas for various domestic and craft tasks.

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  • Title: Carinated dish with metal inlay
  • Date Created: 850 - 750 BC.
  • Location: Pinos-Puente. Granada
  • Type: Container
  • Medium: Ceramic