Cartoon "A Meeting at the Hermitage"

Robinson, H. R.1842

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

A Meeting at the Hermitage. Political cartoon; Jackson and 5 politicians sitting around smoking pipes. 3 portraits hang on back wall. Each man has a captioned saying over his head and they are discussing the re-chartering of the Bank of the United States. Two of the other politicians are Andrew Stevenson and Martin Van Buren TITLE Centered below image: A MEETING AT THE HERMITAGE Politicians from left to right: #1-Well I guess this is a Constellation of talents and larning and patriotism met together! I am arrived from Downingville just in time for the Glory! #2-Mr. Van BUren I believe the General is right, but we must first get the power and let it come from our party. #3-My dear General dont you think it is rather too soon to commit ourselves to that setiment yet! #4-By the Eternal! Matty if I had created another Bank, the Country would have been saved. #5-Stevenson let Matty alone! he understands how to play a last card with Old Hickory better than any of us! #6-Our issues of Treasury Notes and Calhoun's Free Trade speech will play Hell with us!

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  • Title: Cartoon "A Meeting at the Hermitage"
  • Creator: Robinson, H. R.
  • Date Created: 1842
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