Carved Wooden Bear Figure

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

An Ainu carved wooden figure. One of three carved wooden bears [E433542-E433544], including a “mother” bear and two “cubs”, collected by Carl Etter (1898-1982) sometime between 1931-32 while he was doing fieldwork on Ainu culture and folklore, probably in Hokkaido or in Ainu Country. This catalog number is a "cub bear". The other cub is E433543 and the mother is E433542. The bear is carved wood, painted black with accents carved further to expose the natural wood color. Unlike the other two bears, this one does not have glass beads for eyes (missing?). The bear's face is looking upward.

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  • Title: Carved Wooden Bear Figure
  • Location: Hokkaido (not certain) / Sakhalin Island (not certain), Japan, Asia
  • Physical Dimensions: L: 10.5cm ca. W: 6cm ca. H: 7cm ca.
  • Type: Figure
  • Rights: This image was obtained from the Smithsonian Institution. The image or its contents may be protected by international copyright laws. http://www.si.edu/termsofuse
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  • Medium: Wood
  • USNM Catalog Number(s): E433544
  • Photo Credit: Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History
  • Field: Ethnology
  • Date Collected: 1931-01-01

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