Carving of Two Ears of Corn

W.D. Neher1962

McLean County Museum of History

McLean County Museum of History

Wooden carving: Two Ears of Corn. The carving is three-dimensional, but flatter than real corn. The ears are next to each other and attached by their sides. Each ear has its green husk, but one has carved kernels painted yellow and the other has carved kernels painted white. Each kernel has an indentation at its center and it hangs so that the silk is down.

After W.D. Neher and his wife moved to Chenoa from Arkansas, he became the community’s resident photographer for four decades. However, Neher is best known as a woodcarver, producing many scenes from a single board using nothing more than a pocketknife, screwdriver, and sandpaper.

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  • Title: Carving of Two Ears of Corn
  • Creator: W.D. Neher
  • Date Created: 1962


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