Casa Serrano

Pablo Beitia1994

Argentina - Biennale Architettura 2016

Argentina - Biennale Architettura 2016

Pablo Beitia, in Casa de la calle Serrano (House on Serrano Street) (Buenos Aires,1987-1994) "provided the walls with such an external force that it impels them to become arch and bridge. If it were not for that force, they would rest on the ground or fall. Weight and weightlessness. That which is lifted and that which falls. That which unites and that which separates." "The enormous arch with which Beitia contains the demands of the House on Serrano Street is a way of acknowledging the scale and the importance of the declaration that lies behind... Before crossing the treshold, one can sense that something is interrupting the scale of construction of the walls, the action of the hand laying in the bricks with which the arch was erected, and establishing the scale of the technique that built the new city on the existing one. The arch pierces the fabric to reach that new world, that possible destiny as a modern city" when drawing architectural plans that give us accurate signs from the work.

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  • Title: Casa Serrano
  • Creator: Pablo Beitia
  • Date Created: 1994
  • Rights: Archivo Beitia


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