Castellar de N'Hug

Antoni Pedrola1985 - 1985

Museu d'Art Modern de Tarragona

Museu d'Art Modern de Tarragona

Simplicity is one of the qualities present in the work of Pedrola, as are chromatic contrasts. The meticulous drawing and marked lines are evidence of his preference for clear and precise intentions. His art is an expression of sentiments and in his landscapes Pedrola prefers substantial and essential forms and a formal neatness in order to accentuate his creative discourse. His works are produced employing a technique known as encaustic painting, an old and somewhat forgotten procedure, given its complexity. Antoni Pedrola Font (1928) studied at the Sant Jordi School of Fine Art, now the University of Barcelona, where he later became a full-time lecturer. During his tenure, he has combined painting with lecturing at the Faculty of Fine Art, publishing a book on his subject, Painting Procedures, entitled: Painting Procedures and Techniques, published by the University of Barcelona

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  • Title: Castellar de N'Hug
  • Date: 1985 - 1985
  • painter: Antoni Pedrola
  • Physical Dimensions: w116 x h81 cm
  • Type: Encuastic on wood