Chenghua Blue-and-white Bowl with Intertwining-vine Motifs

Yangzhou Museum

Yangzhou Museum

Unearthed from the Ming-dynasty tomb in Yangzhou Institute of Agricultural Science in 1978, this bowl has an opening rim that expands outwards, slightly curvy belly and ring-shaped base that tapers. It is embellished with blue floral patterns on both inside and outside, with ruyi-shaped Buddhist pestles adorned with ribbons on the interior bottom, five camellia flower branches along the interior wall, a belt of ribbon motifs circling the interior edge of rim and two parallel lines surrounding the exterior edge of rim, large-sized lotus vines on the exterior side of belly under which lies a circle of lotus petals. The composition of decorative elements was ingeniously designed and a series of painting techniques were applied such as boneless painting for patterns on the interior side and double-line flat coloring on those of the exterior side.

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  • Title: Chenghua Blue-and-white Bowl with Intertwining-vine Motifs
  • Provenance: Yangzhou Museum
  • Physical Size: Height: 8.5 cm, opening diameter: 19.8 cm, bottom diameter: 7.2 cm
  • Dynasty: Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644)