"Chest" botanical microscope

Royal Academy of Medicine of Spain

Royal Academy of Medicine of Spain

Microscope made up of a quadrangular pillar with a hinge on one corner of its box, which enables it to be folded up and stored inside. At the top is a round stage, fastened to the pillar by an arm. The stage has a lower plate for holding the sample. These are bone and glass slides, which are stored in their own compartment inside the box. The eyepiece and lens sit above the hole in the middle of the stage and are also held by an arm attached to the pillar. There is a hole at the bottom of the pillar for the concave mirror.

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  • Title: "Chest" botanical microscope
  • Provenance: Microscopio procedente de la "Colección Bruni”, la cual consta de casi 80 microscopios correspondientes a los siglos XVIII, XIX y XX que fueron recolectados por el Doctor Blas Bruni Celli y donados por su hija Maria Eugenia Bruni a la RANM en 2016.
  • Type: Microscope
  • Rights: Ana Suela
  • Medium: Metal, glass, wood