Chihiro Iwasaki1962 - 1962

Chihiro Art Museum

Chihiro Art Museum
Tokyo, Japan

Chihiro began studying art at the age of 14, taking lessons in oil painting from Saburosuke Okada, a leading figure in the Japanese art world. At the age of 17, her work was chosen for inclusion in the Shuyokai Women’s Western Painting Exhibition, but all of her paintings were destroyed in the war, with the exception of one work, which had been left in the atelier of another teacher, Tai Nakatani. Following the Second World War through the mid 1950s, Chihro produced numerous oil paintings but, to date, only 13 of these works have been positively accounted for. This painting of her son and niece, titled Children, was made for a 1962 exhibit of modern Japanese art in the former Soviet Union and was the last oil painting she would create.

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  • Title: Children
  • Creator: Chihiro Iwasaki
  • Date: 1962 - 1962
  • 画家名 (日本語): いわさきちひろ
  • 作品説明 (Japanese): ちひろが絵の勉強をはじめたのは、画壇の重鎮であった岡田三郎助について油彩画を学んだ14歳のときでした。17歳で朱葉会女子洋画展に入選していますが、戦前の作品は、後に師事した中谷泰のアトリエに残されていた1点をのぞいて、すべて戦災で焼失しています。第二次世界大戦後は1950年代半ばまで多くの油彩画を描いていましたが、現在確認できるものは13点にすぎません。1962年、旧ソビエト(ロシア)での日本現代美術展に出品するために、息子と姪をモデルに描いたこの作品「子ども」が、最後の油彩画となりました。
  • 作品名 (日本語): 「子ども」
  • creator: Japan
  • Physical Dimensions: w700 x h880 mm (complete)
  • Type: oil painting
  • Rights: Copyright © 2013 Chihiro Iwasaki Memorial Foundation. All rights reserved.