Cinerary Urn

500 - 451 B.C.

Museo de Jaén

Museo de Jaén

Funerary urn in the form of a small earthenware jar with lid (cut from the same piece) with two handles in the upper part, two mamelons which cover the urn and lid with vertical orifices to seal it; the lid is finished off with a handle in the shape of a bud. It has a flat base, of sienna ceramic colour and decoration with red paint forming groups of lines, alternating some thicker lines; in the upper part, there is decoration with vertical winding lines and dots. The handle of the lid, decorated with crossed lines and handles with horizontal lines.

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  • Title: Cinerary Urn
  • Date Created: 500 - 451 B.C.
  • Location: Hinojares, Jaén
  • Physical Dimensions: Height = 21,5 cm; Maximum diameter = 18,9 cm; Diameter at the base = 7,4 cm; Diameter at the rim = 11,8 cm
  • Type: Container
  • Medium: Clay