Close Helmet of Maxmilian Form

Unknownc. 1520 - 1530

Reading Public Museum

Reading Public Museum

The predominant helmet style of the 16th century, it is very similar in overall shape to the armet (a medieval light helmet with a neck guard and movable visor). The close helmet completely covers the head and facial area, but the manner of opening it is more convenient. Instead of the side-hinged cheek pieces of the armet, the close helmet has a one piece bevor (plate armor for the chin and lower face), which was attached to the helmet at the upper visor. This enabled the helmet to be put on simply by lifting the lower bevor and visor and no longer required removing of pins at the sides and front as on the armet.

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  • Title: Close Helmet of Maxmilian Form
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: c. 1520 - 1530
  • Physical Dimensions: 11"h
  • Type: object
  • Medium: steel, iron, brass, and leather
  • Culture: German
  • Credit Line: Museum Purchase