Collyrium/Vermillion Bottle


Sanskriti Museums

Sanskriti Museums
New Delhi, India

The bottle is in the form of a female figure with its mouth above the head. The female is shown holding a parrot in her left hand and a triangular object in her right hand. The bottle was closed with a lid (now missing) with a long pin attached to it which remained dipped in the collyrium/ vermillion inside the bottle when closed. The user opened the lid and applied collyrium to the eyes or put a vermillion bindi on the forehead with the pin.
A wide variety of collyrium and vermillion containers made of brass or silver have come to light over the centuries. These have been made with great imagination using refined craftsmanship. These are a part of the larger paraphernalia of shringar or women’s toiletry comprising combs, hair oil bottles, hand-held mirrors, hair drying pins etc.

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  • Title: Collyrium/Vermillion Bottle
  • Date Created: 1901/1930
  • Location: Gujarat
  • Physical Dimensions: H 16 cm x W 7 cm
  • Rights: Text © Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art/ Jyotindra Jain
  • Medium: Brass
  • Period: Early 20th Century